domenica 16 maggio 2010

Vento collar

I call it "Vento collar " and will be a gift to my Mom.

Made for RDV-Creatif forum beading contest,
the theme was "Plume"(Feather)
Inspired by Ann Benson's "Peacock Feather necklace"

It wasn't my intention to partecipate this beading contest,
cause I was quite busy ,then in one week I used all my spare time...
I did it....eventhough nobody vote for it : (
I am anyway proud of myself : ))))

Sources :
Thanks for inspired me and technique helping!!!

3 commenti:

  1. It's very elegant!!!!!!!!!!!! great colors!!!

  2. Es un collar muy, muy bonito, enhorabuena!!!

  3. A shame that nobody vote for this amazing lariat!
    I love the structure of the ends and the colors.
    Happy beading: