lunedì 27 settembre 2010

Always beading contests......

If you don't know yet, I love partecipate beading contests,
recently I almost bead only for them lol
(excluded beaded bead,cause I am not able to do it ; ) )
The image you see was theme of Franch forum RDV-Creatif
beading contest "Palette perles"
We should have inspire from Joseph Matar's Palette olivier
by using at less 4 colors form it.

I got serious problem when a beading contest
ask to use certain colors,this is my personal limite,
actually I always suffer very much
when I have some precise colors to use.

So the result of this beading contest was very sad
for my "Ulivo"necklace,but it's ok,
I mean after all I always learn something
from each partecipation.
And the second necklace was made for
beads-perles's beading contest
The theme was "Future"
I was on vacation when the idea came out,
Named "Ufo "

I appreciate people who vote for them,
eventhough they were few lol
Like always each beading contest bring me something new
and push me to search more,so thank you !

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  1. You have a virtual prize on my blog! Congratulations for what you do!