venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

Vicenza - Hobby show Abilmente

I was in Vicenza today, a beautiful city that I haven't visit yet
for the autumn hobby show " Abilmente";
I've had fun even though for my personal opinion,
beads were not cheap at all and I saw a lot copycats
who sells kits there (most of them came from internet free patterns)
that made me angry so I don't even want to mention
those poor generous authors who share their ideas for free....

I did found something interesting---Venetian seed beads
( size between 14-15) Even in Italy they are not easy to find.

And inside this hobbyshow there was also a incredible
Pino Grosso's embroidary master pieces exhibition.

Amazing; gorgeours;I was totaly attracted by this perfection.

even the back side which people usually don't watch through.

They were something really " beautiful " the creativity and fantasies

inspired me.

The last photo took from" Giardini Salvi " always in Vicenza.

I have had a nice day.

Wish you a wondeful weekend! : ))

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