lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

My Bloomor necklace

I partecipated a beading challenge of " Perlistik" forum;
the theme was to make a wareable piece
beased on an original pattern of "Try to be "
" Bloomor" bracelet.
The rule was follow the pattern strictly but change as much as possible
the sizes of beads; the colors and combinations.
I found 18 differnet ways to make it : )))
It took me a month only for build this necklace,
also because I am really a very lousy pattern follower,
too often the things came out without control : P
Even though I forced myself to stick around the pattern,
I have had really hard moment not to do something else...

Although I didn't win( I was one of the finalist)
I am quite possitive of the result because I was forced to thinking about
all the possibilities and thinking in different ways.

Have a nice week!

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