martedì 17 aprile 2012

A shameless copycat!

I received a copy of an Italian Jewellery magazine today and guess what?
Daniela Costa a shemeless copycat " Her " necklace "V come Venezia"
has been published......Seriousely???
She really thinks there is no Beadwork magazine readers in Italy????

This beadwork magazine October/November 2011 cover tells everything...

Hatsumi Oshitani's original design "Sleek in silver".

Because of these shameless copycats

many tallented beaders don't enjoy sharing ideas,

because of these shameless copycats

Italy earns very often ugly reputations...

If you don't have any original ideas just shut your mooth

and the world will keep going without any your contribution

and could still be a nice place to live....

2 commenti:

  1. Hi:
    You're absolutely right.I observe many blogs and in my opinion they rarely have something serious to say.In those blogs I rarely see really OWN designs.At least,it is nice,when someone making the generally available projects,marks them as NOT THEIRS and gives THE LINK,connecting to the OWNER'S SITE,where the pattern was taken from.But this happens very rarely.Many designs are signed as theirs own,or 'diplomatically' neither signed,nor marked with anything,except for the general description of the pattern.Sometimes they are so chicky to use the original names aw well!If I can allow myself to be sincere here and I think-I should-I can say,that not many people in general,on Blogger make THEIR OWN DESIGNS.They are mostly taken from the beading magazines,from purchased kites,books,or simply from the internet.They delicately change the beads and colors and publish,or sell as 'their own'.I share the opinion,that to get a training on someone else's design it's somehow OK,but to sell it on Etsy,or publish in other places as their own designs it's really shameful and should be banned for ethical reasons.Such exmples like You've showed here,could be multiplied.I sometimes close my eyes to those facts in order to stay healthier,but I wouldn't like to see my designs published somewhere in the world,as NOT MINE,or taken from my blog without my permission.Many countries were against the ACTA regulations,but I think,it should be taken into life as soon as possible,because such events are not only offensive,but harmful as well.
    Terribly sorry for my English,if I have made any mistakes here-I was writting fast and emotionally.Apart from this-English is not my native language.
    Warm Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

  2. Dear Halinka :
    Very often when I went to hobbyshows or trade fairs I must forced myself not to see and not to notice what happend around me recognized so many original designs has been
    used and teached without permission and even mentioned the real creators, it hurts...for me beading is a real passion and I respect all the perfessional beaders who devote their life to make artful work which can become a great source where I can get inspirations,that's why I am always so angry and sad everytime when I see this kind of things happens.