mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Regina...Inspiration form the Tudors

I made this necklace for CBA's second beading contest,
the theme was "inspiration from an Heroine of 16th and 17th centry"
As a Tudors jewelery fun I was inspired by an potrait of Elisabeth I.
So here you are necklace " Regina "(Queen in Italian )
Original design by me : ))

You can see the detail above and find out I made a huge mistake..
I counted wrong numer of the parallel flower petals but I was too far to remake it ,
so I kept this fault and finished it.
And then I noticed for another beading contest held by
about two and half years ago I've already been inspired by Tudors jewelery.
My  " Bloody Mary "
Seems like I coudn't get enough ;  )))

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