domenica 9 dicembre 2012


 I've been in Marseille few weeks ago for a long weekend,
eventhough the day I took the picture wasn't a really sunny day,
 it was hot...around 18-20c, to be in the end of Novembre,
I think it's incredible... :)
I saw this mural when I was trying to reach Notre dame de la Garde,
I couldn't stop to smile and take phots, I found this really awsome!
And because I was in Marseille I couldn't help to visit te local bead shop  : )))
les perles de paline a very kind women who open her house as a studio and bead shop.
A little bit far from downtown.

P.s. I 've no intention to make any kind of promo and I don't absolutely get any thing
by mention this website.This post is simply what I've done during my journey in Marseille.

Have a nice Sunday

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