sabato 2 febbraio 2013

Loom beaded bracelet

Even when I was a child I always have a thing
to make some kind of fabric ,                                       
then I found beading and beaading loom : ))                                                                                       
Even tough I didn't work very often with it,
I do found it relaxing.                                             
I made this bracelet without any pattern,
just insert some Czech faceted beads                         
here and there between tube beads.                                                                                        

During new year holidays I've been in Umbria
( in the central of Italy )                                      
I visited Lago di Trasimeno ( Traismeno lake) 
and made this photo I'd like to share with you . 
I found it very relaxing too : )))                                              

Have a nice weekend!

2 commenti:

  1. I have been loom beading since I was a small child. Looms, patterns, sculpting beadwork on a loom is still fun and exciting for me. I do like your piece and your photos are wonderful.