mercoledì 10 aprile 2013

Beading Marathon again!

I've been in Budapest last weekend for another Beading Marathon,
people are asking why I went there for last three years.
The answer was simple ,usually I don't really meet other beaders personally.
And it's true that internet helps a lot and we can learn many new techniques.
But watch and talk while other beaders work and learn new stuff
form two artists which I admire was such a great experience that I couldn't give up.
The first photo above is Bradan bangle of Vezsuszi
I love this smart design and I think I will make another one.

My very first soutasche , I asked Vica kindly help
since recently she is developing a very personal style soutache pieces
and I was eager to use these 8 hours to learn as much as I can
So we decided to start with something small.
There is no pattern for these earrings,
she just showed me the basic techniques and tips then they came out.
I am very proud of myself : )))
The last photo is Karel of Zsuzsi,
I was too tried to focus on thread tention so the result was sloppy .
It should have been a bangle ( not finished yet )
Pobably I will start over and with no shaking hands will help a lot : )))

If you are interesting to purchase these patterns is here.

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