sabato 5 maggio 2012

Bead marathon part II

As I mentioned I 've been in Budapest few weeks ago for a bead marathon.
It was a great but also stressful experience,8 hours non-stop ,
I choose  " Neldica " original design by De Eva, the incredible thing was
there is no pattern to follow !!! So Vica taught me step by step how to.
Seem's simple right?! This pendant took me more than 3 hours!
I was exhausted for the complex structure and go again and again inside those tiny15seed beads,
when I finaly finished I have only less than 2 hours to finish the marathon,
so I asked Vezsuzsi which pendant was quicker to made
and she gave me"Twinmiki "pendant pattern on sale here .
I probably will make a mutiple motives necklace, we will see.

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  1. It was so much fun :) And I´m very proud of you, you did an amazing job with that pendant! (I know it is unusal to teach without drawings, but this way my students learn how to draw or just read instructions without time it will be easier :P) I hope we will meet next year again!