lunedì 21 maggio 2012

Azteka Bangle

I bought this plastic-Resins cabochon in a creative-fair months ago

                                At begining I was thinking to make a double cabochons pendant,
                                then I changed my mind like always :)

                                I used also Sereine's Spiral Chenille,wonderful stitch!
                               Merci Sereine ! : )))

This clasp is totaly fake,you can't open it just wear as a bangle.

I 've had some problem with my internet connection so I couldn't uploaded
correctly the photos...

Have a nice Monday again!

2 commenti:

  1. Sorry, I cannot see pictures..... but the image preview is displayed on my blog....

  2. I reuploaded the photos hope now you can see it !
    Thank you to let me know!